Wu-Tang as Fine Art?

On one hand, I think it's brilliant. It IS brilliant. Music as art. And I get the idea that music has become kind of a zero $$ commodity, and there should be compensation and consideration for the skill and talent it takes to craft song. But on the other hand, music has always been the voice of the voiceless aka de la… » 3/26/14 7:24pm 3/26/14 7:24pm

Selling the effie.

I bought this truck last summer from RPM in Vermont. They typically do high end restorations on vintage exotics, but Peter also has a soft spot for old trucks. They didn't touch the paint or body on this. It's a "ten footer," there's surface rust in spots on the old paint job, but it's solid. What they did do was make… » 3/25/14 4:41pm 3/25/14 4:41pm

One handing the effie, ride home in the Ice Nine rally Fiesta

After Autorama it was late and Max drove the F100 from downtown Detroit to my garage. I needed to get it up to Ice Nine so they could clean it up for me...I may or may not be selling it...and while Keith said he'd grab it I decided to see if I could wrangle the no power anything, 3 on the tree truck with my left arm in … » 3/20/14 1:04am 3/20/14 1:04am

2014 Detroit Autorama, March 7-9

Look for my truck and you should find me nearby, stop by and say wassup! Hopefully I'll have a big Brown Dog Welding banner up. I'll have a booth in the basement where all the derelicts hang out. Still in a cast so only a couple of sculptures, but I'll have shirts, hats, stickers, prints, and a book for sale. The first … » 2/27/14 8:33pm 2/27/14 8:33pm